Hey have you listen to Bring me the horizon new single yet?

Asked by Anonymous

I have! I hope they release stems so I can remix it :p

Do you like NInja Sex Party?

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I do not, good sir!

Hey, I know you have had(still have?) issues with insomnia. There is this person at my school who has it really bad and on a good day she will get at most 3-5 hours of sleep a night. At worst it's little more than a hour some nights. I'm really worried about this person and their health. Do you have any advice that I could give them, or anything you have found helpful finding sleep or even dealing with the day when you had a sleepless night? Your amazing at everything you have done in the past­čĺť


Something that’s helped me, is drinking a cup of tea┬ábefore bed. Also, turning off all my lights/electronics tends to help a lot, too. If I keep it completely dark for an hour, it seems to make it a lot easier to fall asleep!

I’m also not 100% about what your friend does, when they’re in their room. By that, I mean: do they do their homework/any stress related thing on their bed? I know it sounds silly, but keeping your bed as a place of rest, and only rest, will help you be able to lie down and not worry about things stressing you.┬á

Aaaaaand one last tip: exercise! No idea how active your friend is, but exercising will help tremendously. Once I started working out daily, I found my insomnia slipping away. I still get it from time to time, but it’s been cut by about 75% since i started being more active.

Hope I helped!

Hey MrHewbz (Bananapielord as I know you) I'm currently in the process of building my own computer. When it is completed I plan on streaming almost every day. As you may know most streams have music on in the background and I was just wondering if it was all good with you if I used some of your music? The more viewers I gain over time means the more people can listen to and enjoy your music,and a benefit for me is I can have some awesome music to play in the background. ;)

Asked by thongsoldier

Dude, that would be AWESOME! :D

Do you like the band Pierce the veil?

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They’re not too bad! Not my favorite, but I like a few of their songs :)

Do you use a Mac if so what software do you use for music

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Hiya! For music, video editing, etc… I use Windows. However, the programs I use for creating music (Adobe Audition/Ableton) can be used on a Mac!

Hey dylan, Where did you learn guitar? How long have you been playing it?

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I am fully self-taught. I’ve been playing since I was 15 :)