What ever happened to Sandcastle to the Moon with Tyler? Did you guys just forget about it or didn't like where it was going? Cause I really enjoyed Autumn Soul! Also I love Paper Bird! Sounds amazing, great work sir :)

Asked by dinohdan

Just became too busy with other stuff and never went back to it :c

Just would like to thank you for all the nights if entertainment and relaxation that your videos provided me early on in high school. I'm a senior now and I get so much nostalgia when I think about Lets play Minecraft or Minecraft Worldz. Do you still LIVESTREAM?

Asked by Anonymous

I’m glad, man! I stream, on occasion. Been preoccupied with music, so haven’t been doing too much in terms of game recording/streaming.

Are you and Tyler still buds?

Asked by Anonymous

Of course :)

Do you know the band Pierce the veil?

Asked by Anonymous

I’ve heard a few songs from em, yea

Will you ever create a longer version of "Moonlight", it's such an awesome song dude but it's sooooo short:(

Asked by Anonymous

I completely forgot that song existed, haha. I may revisit it sometime! 

Do you still get daily requests to play minecraft

Asked by Anonymous

Not daily, but weekly, for sure :P


Asked by Anonymous

less than 3

hi, i can see you from here and I'm just saying that your guitar is your cue to write your next chapter of your life, that all of the advise i want to give u. r u working on sth new or u still sleeping?

Asked by Anonymous

I’m not 100% sure I got all of that, but I am working on new music :)

I'm going to be doing a dramatic reading of a friend's story for my YouTube channel soon, and it would mean the world to me if you'd let me play "Distant Admiration" in the background while it's playing. You'd be given credit, of course, and I'd provide a link to your bandcamp page so they can buy the tracks. Is that alright?

Asked by Anonymous

Of course, bud :)