Since you finished your newest EP, do you think you will be able to focus a bit more on Hewbz?

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I have no inspiration for videos, currently :(

Just out of curiosity, is the name hewbz dead like Bay Pay Ayl? Idk I'm asking cause you changed your twitter and instagram name to iamsleepless <3

I don’t think Hewbz is dead, but I feel iamsleepless is the direction I should be heading in.

I heard you can't stand the ALS Ice bucket challenge. Any particular reason why, other than no one is really donating? (there has been at least over $40 million raised)

Read some stuff about the organization behind it, and I’m not 100% down with them.

Do you have an estimation month/date for Silhouettes, or are my hopes too high?

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I’m going to abstain from giving out any dates, due to the fact that I’m always horribly off, lol. I am, however, working on it. My current plans are to add a bit more electronic elements into the mix; similar to Holding Up the Sky. So, this might take a bit longer, due to me wanting to perfect it.

Despite however long the wait is, I promise it’ll be worth it <3

You know that song you scrapped on your new album, that you put up on sound cloud called "Scrapped song #1"? Why did you cut it from the album? This sounds really good man! Makes me think of flying kites in the fjords of Norway <3

I ended up cutting it because I didn’t like how my vocals sounded with it. The guitar is pretty good, but I really want to push myself to make the absolute best that I can make. Scrapping it sucked, but Shallow Seas was born because of it. ;)

So the new (acoustic) EP thats coming out is called Paperbird, but I remember a while back you announced an EP called Silhouettes and posted the artwork for it. My question is, did you simply rename Silhouettes to Paperbird or is Silhouettes still a thing that will be released sometime (hopefully) soon?

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Silhouettes is still a thing! Had a few acoustic tracks lying around that I wasn’t going to use for Silhouettes, so I decided to make an EP out of them. :)

can i have yo babiez

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no no no pls

Ive been subscribed to you and followed you since minecraftand texty days ;-; I just wanted to say to you that you're amazing and youre pretty much my idol ye. Also I love how much you have evolved in music and in everythingc: ty for everything ilysm

Aw, thank you so much! Means a lot :)