"Hey, Dylan! I just want to ask you: are remixes legal? I know you made a remix of “Can you feel my heart”, so can you tell me if its okay to remix this song I like?"

Try to get the OK from the artist before you do so. I’m sure you can without it, but it’s courteous to do so. If you plan on selling your remix, then you’re going to need permission from their record label. If they’re unsigned, then all you need is their permission.

All I want to do at night is play guitar or something productive but in mooring I don't want to anymore its so wierd

Asked by Anonymous

i used to be like that. Run with it! Let your creativity flow with that guitar :)

I don't know in the day I am so happy and filled with energy and at night I feel so alone and just want someone to hold and love. I don't sleep well at night anymore

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I feel ya, on that. Whenever it’s night, I can’t stop thinking and it put me in a melancholy mood.

I feel so alone :'(

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I’m sorry :( what’s up?

I know you don't want to go down the route of Lets Plays again, but what if somewhere down the line you were to make a secondary channel for gameplay like "HewbzGameplay" or something. I know you watch PBG sometimes, that is where I got the idea from

Asked by Anonymous

I am actually thinking of doing some more editied LPs :)

you are really cool thank you so much for making this album and being very interactive on twitter

Asked by themrnwg

Thank you so much! I love talking to my fans and people in general, so it always make me smile to see people that want to talk to me :)

Hey man. Love your music, by the way. :3 I was just wondering what do you use to create such amazing sounds? I think I've seen a video before but I can't find it! Thanks man! :D

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For my electronic tunes, I use Ableton + Native Instruments VSTs!

hey do u think i could sing one of your songs to my girlfriend

Asked by bowlingboy21

Of course, buddy! (:

Im the guy off twitter haha, bit i was wondering if on my GGs and I's one year you could like aing yhe bees knees and say its from me or sometgin along those lines, i showed her that song an he really liked it

Asked by Anonymous

Personally, I’d feel pretty weird singing for your girlfriend :P I think it’d be a lot sweeter if you did it yourself! Even if you’re not the best singer or whatnot, it’d mean a hell of a lot more coming from you than me, man.

Do you ever hate arthritis for not letting you be able to do the stuff you love? Also, will you ever start streaming regularly again? (unless you started streaming under a different account)

I don’t have arthritis, actually! I really thought I did at one point, but I definitely don’t. It’s just a minor injury on my wrist. But I’ve been working around it and I’ve been able to do a lot more than I could a year ago. 

I may start streaming again, not too sure!