What song(s) have you written that you've cried about when writing or singing? (Weird wording, I know)

Hmm… there was one I wrote, that I didn’t release cause it was just too personal, but Hollow Man is one. That definitely got me pretty emotional, since it deals with a really bad time for me.

Hi. For that guy who can't talk to girls because he has no confidence try giving yourself "fake confidence" think that every girl wants you no matter how attractive it's hard to master but when I got that down I could talk to girls with ease it seems stupid but it really worked for me hope this help you'll be good soon 3>

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I have no confidence to talk to girls at all any advice?

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyy buddy! I feel you on this one. 

Something I’ve recently learned, from my friend Tyler, is to just talk to all girls. Regardless of how attractive she is, just talk to her. You can easily build your confidence by talking to girls that don’t make you all nervous and make you get butterflies in your stomach :P

You just have to get comfortable with speaking to girls in general, and then it’ll become incredibly easy to talk to a girl you really like :) 

Hey any advise on how to get a girl to like me besides the whole be yourself thing

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Hmm… it’s difficult to give advice that isn’t somehow connected to being yourself, honestly. 

But just talk to her man. Spend time with her be her friend and then see if it goes somewhere. If you two hit it off while you’re hanging out or something, she’ll want to spend more time with you. And that’s always a great sign :)

I have been having thoughts of suicide, I wonder if anyone would care if I was gone or if someone out there who likes me would cry if anyone would notice if I was gone and I depression on and off I'm really lonely and just want someone to hold in my arms...

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I can relate, buddy :( no matter who you are, or what’s going on, you’re an amazing person <3 I know it all sounds dumb, and like I’m just playing it up, but you are a unique person. You might not think so, but you truly are. 

Also, I often found myself diving into something constructive when I was feeling similar to how your feeling. Guitar/music was what helped me disconnect from my current thoughts and lull myself into a sense of security and happiness. 

I’m not sure if that’s too helpful, but that’s helped me so much.

Bip boop, ur cute

Why thank you :P

Is this a question?

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I mean, technically :P


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Are my favorite 

Have you cried when writing/ playing one of your songs

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Yeah, I believe so, lol. Sounds pretty dumb, but it was just after I had written some very personal lyrics and I was playing it, that it just all hit me.

Hello! I started watching your videos when you were bananapielord. I really didn't start liking your content until your animal crossing videos. They made me like you because even though they were about animal crossing you would show your personality and talk about your life. I found myself really respecting you. Although I miss those videos, I want you to know that I think you(and Becca) are amazing and I am always rooting for you guys. Hang in there! :)

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Thank you so much! That really means a lot <3