Friga wrote me a letter saying "Hey (insert my name here). Tell Dylan that I honestly miss him, and I would like to pay him a visit sometime. Do you think you could give him the word? Thanks" it was something like that. So if your up to it, Friga might be coming over on Wednesday next week, ITE?

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Ever since I played the Holding Up The Sky album, she loves to listen to it when we're in her Mustang. Listening to Sunset Eyes right now :)

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Aw, that’s cute!

I don't really understand why almost every one here is saying such ignorant stuff to you.. I thought this was like "oh hey ask me about something personal, something funny, something serious". But really, it's turned into more of a "o hi der. i rly liek u. ill give u tacos 4 ur love" Doesn't this like bother you,,, by how you've grown up over the past 4 years?

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I mean, I appreciate the serious question when I get them, but it’s nice to just have dumb stuff to respond to. Breaks up the monotony :)

miencroft iz s0 fun. i rec0mm3nd tht gaem 4 u 2 LP next aft3r majoras mask

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You're immature. Who are you trying to impress kid? I thought you realized you should grow up, once you gave up on the bananapielord channel. Oh don't take this from me, if I sound like "you need to change".

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What is a life and how many rupees does it cost?

Everything is a lie

hi ur rly hot pls let mi hav ur children

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Sorry only with baethany

Well, knowing you're one really hot man, how many girls have you impregnated?

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Do you listen to Cage the Elephant?

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I only like one song from them :p

all the money and all teh tacos and all the pizza and all the glory, just to sleep in the same bed as you?

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Only if you’re bethany