Hewbz when did you loose your humour?

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I don’t know man. It was pretty tight for awhile, but then it got loose :c

Now that #YearOfHewbz is revived, what other kind of videos do you have planned? Personally, I'd really love to see Ask Hewbz come back. :)

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I’m really not sure. Most likely going to stick heavily with The sims. Might try some more gaming videos like Hyrule Warriors or something. Trying to balance coding + music + videos can be a bit crazy, so I’m trying not to put too much on my plate, at the moment.

Hey Dylan, I've been thinking of starting making music just like you. You're a huge inspiration to me and I thank you for that. But I have one problem. I'm a senior in high school and I'm not a popular kid.. I'm just worried if people find my music they'll make fun of me for it. Any tips? Thanks!

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Hey man! I’m happy to know I’m an inspiration to ya!

Before I ever settled with iamsleepless, I made countless myspaces for my music. Each one using whatever named I felt like using, at the time. I always kept it secret from people cause I wasn’t confident enough in the tracks. Try that! :)

Hey Dylan! First off, congrats on your most recent album, Paper Bird, as well as the previous one, Hollow Man. I'm happy that you are doing what you said you wanted to do, and making your music, as well as your Hewbz channel. I was wondering, are you going to do anymore vlogs for Hewbz, or occasional updates to tell us what you're up to? I know you have twitter etc, but its nice to see you say it rather than read a 140 character tweet, not thats theres anything wrong with it. Thanks! -Zirkel

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I may do some vlogs here in the near future. I have a lot going on, so I could probably make some rather informative update videos :)

Wolves are the coolest animals ever. Hi.

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I like stoats more mmm

Hey, would you ever consider doing a Charity Livestream? I think with as many people support you, it'd be a huge success!

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I would love to! But I feel as if I’d only pull in 90 viewers, if I’m lucky.

Are you still friends with Kyle, Tyler, Devtwothousand, Adam, Chris, Jarred, Justin, and the boy in kindergarten who disrespected the teacher so much, he had ADD and everyone thought he was hilarious? And yes or no for each name.

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Man, I can’t believe you know so many of my high school friends LOL

will there be more video with you tyler kyle and adam?

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With Tyler, maybe. Kyle/Adam = no

Hey Dylan. So I was wondering... how do you get over stress and depression? I just had another panic attack. I like listening to music but it doesn't help everything.....

Whenever I’m stressed I tend to dive into a project. Whether that be music or web dev stuff, I find something to keep myself busy. Exercising helps a lot, too! As far as stress, I tend to just lie down and sleep. I don’t cope well with stress so sleeping is the only thing that tends to help.